• A: Yes! clickguru's proven digital marketing platform is designed to generate a significant return on your investment for your practice.

  • A: Very different in fact. clickguru is not a website development company. We are not an SEO company. We are a company that focuses only on dental and legal practices and helps them grow.

  • A: clickguru's proven digital marketing platform is an insurance policy on the future growth of your practice. As lawyers and dentists are becoming more savvy online, it's either sink or swim. clickguru marketing ensures better rankings, more phone calls, and high return on your investment.

  • A: Conventional Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves page improvements through keywords and other descriptors that in theory result in better search rankings on Google. This is a dated version of SEO. Instead, clickguru's proven system uses a new, enhanced version of SEO. Other than focusing on keywords alone, clickguru's platform provides a complete digital toolset to get Google's attention. The result? More page one keywords, phone calls, and conversions to new clients or patients.

  • A: Two main reasons!

    1. Google is the biggest referrer of business on the planet. If you aren't relevant on Google one of your competitors is getting that phone call and new client or patient.
    2. Think about those referrals you get from your existing clientele. Give them every reason to choose to call your practice by having a professional and elegant website along with a huge number of five star reviews.

  • A: Because you're busy! Your superpower is either fixing teeth or navigating the law. It's not blog writing, it's not social media, it's certainly not keywords and SEO. Thinking about your website and digital marketing is the opportunity cost of seeing a new patient or client. It is the opportunity cost of self care or spending time with your family. Plus, when you allow clickguru to do it for you, the return will be many multiples of the spend.