How to Successfully Engage in Email Marketing to Improve Doctor-Patient Relationships

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The Guru's Takeaways:

Email marketing for dentists and other health professionals is a great way to stay in touch with your patients. While most dentists are concerned about how to get more patients into the door, keeping a regular schedule with your existing, loyal patients is equally important.

We particularly like a couple of the datapoints from this article:

First, a regular email schedule is important with a seasonal focus. Going into the holiday season, we like to send out emails for our dentists that encourage their patients to brighten their holiday smile. These types of emails are great as a touch point with patients which result in more appointment bookings.

Second, be regular, but not too regular. At clickguru, we like to send out emails one every other month which is a perfect combination of staying in front of patients without being overburdening.

Finally, while email marketing is an important tactic, it’s just one of several digital marketing initiatives dentists should be taking to fill holes in their schedules. Google isn’t a one trick pony; their algorithm relies on a variety of tactics to reward dentists with page one search results. For more information, have a look at clickguru’s dental digital marketing platform or contact us today.